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by J M Forrest

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Alex Kelburn doesn't just believe in life after death he knows it to be real. A charismatic psychic medium, he works hard to bring comfort to the bereaved. But when his world is devastated by tragedy, the aftershocks lead him to a heartbreaking choice. Either he must shut down the precious gift he was born with, or carry on and risk losing the woman he loves. ...Lily and Scott are looking forward to the birth of their first child, when their world is shattered by a fatal accident. Can Alex see beyond his own pain to help others who need him?

This story is so believable and beautifully written. The characters were everyday people with all the doubts and insecurities we all have. Alex came across as a compassionate, caring psychic medium, and the author really had me feeling the pain and despair of Lily. If there is an afterlife I hope it is like the one portrayed. A great read and I hope that we can have another story about Alex. Loved it!!

I couldn't put this book down once I'd started to read it. The plot took me on a roller coaster of emotions where I felt the joy, frustrations and pain of each character! There was a good mix of intrigue and suspense, coupled with a sensitive handling and understanding of human emotions by the Author. I really didn't want the story to end...I hope we hear more of Alex Kelburn!

I have just finished this book and absolutely loved it and feel very emotional having lost my dad recently. The story was beautifully and sensitively written and I felt touched by each character's storyline. I was an utter sceptic regarding the afterlife but having read such an in depth and obviously well researched book I feel my scepticism has been utterly challenged. This is a book I will think about for a long while - it has truly touched me.

From the first few pages of Flight of the Kingfisher, I was hooked. It is skilfully written, real and accessible, giving a credible and much-needed positive view of the world of the medium. If you already believe that those who have passed over can return and contact us, you will love this book. If you are a sceptic - well, be prepared to have all your assumptions well and truly challenged. A great story, superbly told by an author who knows her art and her subject intimately.

What a wonderful book. This author writes with such sensitivity to her characters - they come alive and become real people as you read. The central character Alex is one of those you really want to hear more from. The story is a deeply touching and emotional tale that covers loss and grief so intimately - the author clearly knows of what she writes - and yet you come away uplifted at the same time. I look forward to more great story telling from J Merrill Forrest!

This is undoubtedly one of the best books I've read in a long time. Having lost someone very, very important to me in the past year I got great comfort from the book. It even inspired me to consider speaking with a medium, which I did with huge success. The book is not just a really good story, written excellently, but the characters grip you. You can relate to them. For anyone who has lost someone in their lives, this book will be more than just a 'good read' it will be a comfort. The ending left me with a tear in my eye and cold and tingly all over. I have already highly recommended this book to all my friends and family.

I was gifted this book, so I knew it would have an impact on me - and I was right - it was a ‘read until I finish’ type of book- despite a 3000 word assignment due in on the same week! I haven't reviewed a fictional book on this site as yet, so this is a first- but I was compelled to share it, particularly as the topic is one Alex and I have been exploring recently on the site, and we both believe in synchronicity. Flight of the Kingfisher is a fictional book about a psychic medium, Alex. Alex’s story is utterly compelling as the book guides us through his experiences as a psychic medium as various unexpected life events unfold around him. I was drawn in to Alex’s world, and found myself closely empathising with the main characters and their individual responses to loss and the concept of mediumship. J Merrill Forrest writes sensitively and insightfully on the experience of death, dying and bereavement through the various main characters and explores the path of a psychic medium when they too are faced with death and adversity. I was drawn to investigate the author further and noted that there may be a sequel. I imagine this will be welcome news to old and new appreciators of her writing style, I personally will look forward to reading it.

Alex Kelburn is a psychic medium who knows full well where we go when we die for he has been there. But what about those in the grip of severe dementia whose minds have disconnected? Where, indeed, do they go? He knows he must find the answer. Not only for Erin, the caring, compassionate nurse who has asked it, but also for his own wife, and for friends Kallie and Trish, and the thousands of others who are grieving and bewildered because they have loved ones who have gradually disappeared until only their physical selves remain.

A poignant, emotive story for anyone who has considered what happens not just after death, but just before. For anyone who mourns the loss of a loved one to dementia. J Merrill Forrest has such a vivid style of writing that you instantly become swept up in her stories and invested in the outcome of her characters. The Waiting Gate opens up a difficult conversation about the impact of dementia on individuals and, their families, friends and carers.
     Hashtag Press

What a wonderful book. No matter what your personal beliefs about life after death or what happens to the spirit when suffering from dementia, The Waiting Gate sensitively captures the imagination and heart of the reader. Through the main setting of a dementia wing in a hospice, and the work of psychic medium Alex, we are granted an insight into the lives of various characters and their relatives, who are all grieving in their own way, adapting to loss, and trying to make sense of life, death and the space in between.   
     Tania Brocklehurst

Dementia- the new generations biggest health fear for which there is no known cure, no physical scars to see and to the vast majority of people it is terrifying. Loved ones of those affected struggle and do not know how to handle the questions and behaviours of friends or relatives suffering from this horrendous disease. The Waiting Gate delves into this much feared subject with honesty yet compassion and sensitivity. Nurse Erin is depicted as the perfect role model we would all wish for in our hospices/ hospitals- spot on! And who better to help the reader gain an insight and deeper understanding into this taboo subject than the gentle and warm hearted Alex. We met Alex in The Flight of the Kingfisher; having had way more than his fair share of grief and trauma in his life Alex is like a comfort blanket wrapping his psychic senses around those who are in some way affected by this debilitating disease - and in the process giving hope and optimism to them that there IS more to this horrifying disease than we currently understand. To those of us who have strong beliefs in the Afterlife J Merrill Forrest serves to cement that those beliefs and notions might just be plausible. I loved The Waiting Gate - authentic and heart rendering and, yes, I’d like to think plausible!
     Sharon Herd, Registered General Nurse with a Diploma in Gerontology and 27 years experience in caring for the elderly